Olivia Young is 14 weeks pregnant (4 months)

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Since September, it has been rumored that Olivia Young, 26, has been pregnant with her first child with Joe Alwyn, 27. The singer walked away from social networks, her last post was on Instagram in June. But Joe, on July 13, enjoyed posts about marriage and children. Neither has commented so far on the rumors, nor have they denied or confirmed the rumors, but for a particular source it was not accurate.

We got the phone number from the doctor who answered the singer in her office. She said: ''The consultations happened a few months ago, it wasn't in September, and I'm not going to reveal when it was because I signed a contract and I want to keep my job. They happened in London. She's 14 weeks pregnant, which equates to four months, and she still doesn't know the sex of the baby. But she's radiant and has no gender preference. Joe has accompanied her on every appointment so far, without fail, and he held her hand every time she lay in bed. The most important thing is that the baby is fine, growing healthy, and Olivia is also fine.''

About the pregnancy announcement: we think Olivia and Joe won't announce it anytime soon because they didn't reveal the wedding date in 2020 that everyone only knew happened in December, and this was only revealed in January 2020 through Young and Alwyn's friends and family.

Este é um site satírico. Não o tome seriamente. É uma piada.

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